Create PlasmaChain Wallet

1. Create an account on PlasmaPay

2. Activate Plasma Wallet Account Click on the "Activate Account" button on the main page of the platform.

Plasma Wallet Account activation process:

  • Name your account on the blockchain Plasma. The name should consist of 12 characters. You can use all the letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers from 1 to 5.

  • Create and write down the password for your wallet. This will be a unique password from the Plasma wallet (not from your PlasmaPay account), which you will use to sign transactions from the created wallet.

  • Download and save in the safest place (or print paper and delete the .pdf file from your computer) a pdf file with your private key from the Plasma wallet. The lost of this key will make it impossible to restore access to funds on the wallet (❗️blockchain feature).

  • Select the currencies you wish to work within your wallet in the future.

After you finish the activation, you will see your wallet address and available currencies on the dashboard.

3. Get private keys from your Plasma account.

To decrypt and download your keys, go to the Plasma Account and click on the key icon in the lower right corner of the card.

The system will ask you to enter the password from your Plasma account ( from the Plasma wallet account, and not from the account on PlasmaPay).

After entering the correct password, you will see a page with two keys. Please copy them to the safest place (this is the most valuable information in the whole system)

👍 The basic preparation of your account is over.