Plasma mastercoin
Plasma currency issued from each transaction fee and its prices based on the weighted basket of all assets issued on Plasma DLT. It can be represented as a digital analogue of the SDR IMF, but with its transparent infrastructure, in essence the asset is a digital index of the PlasmaDLT system
The utility of Plasma mastercoin:
    Staking on producer nodes to participate in mining and voting on
    Pay a transaction fee on the blockchain with 50% of discount for fiat transactions
    Pay for blockchain resource for smart-contracts and dApps
    Payment currency for money transfer and cross-border money remittance
The emission of Plasma is dynamic and depends on transaction volume. On each block the Plasma blockchain issues Plasma token in the amount of the 0.01% of total transaction volume in block and transfers it to validators' nodes as a reward. Plasma currency code standart. Each currency supports a resolution of 18 + 18 characters, which allows you to work with complex micro / macro calculations and formulas. Example of supported numbers 11.1111.2222.3333.4444,555566667777888899
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