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Smart contracts are another piece of innovative technology offered by blockchain’s decentralized systems. They permit trusted transactions and agreements to be completed between disparate, anonymous parties, while rendering these transactions traceable, transparent and irreversible. These special deal-making algorithms allow exchange of money, documents or any other work processes. Non-Turing complete smart accounts - functional features of work task management with full confirmation of smart contracts algorithms responsible for running and sending the transaction to the network. The Turing-incomplete language used to create scripts can handle most of the use cases that can be undertaken by Turing-complete languages. The current state of a smart account can be used in a transaction check and changed after transaction commitment. Turing-complete smart contracts allow for the creation of decentralized applications on the blockchains. Any smart contract can use the node API to check the state of the blockchain. Contracts can also be configured to use any external data and can interact to accomplish tasks internally using smart contract API.

Language Compilation

Plasma platform provides special libraries for performing testing of smart contracts, e.g. simulation of blockchain state to transfer and use it in an application. The virtual machine for developing smart contracts allows you to develop in languages like C / C ++ and interact with TypeScript languages, uses the Clang / LLVM and Web Assembly technologies stack that have proven their reliability and flexibility
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