Key Features


The Plasma blockchain was designed specifically to support instant transactions in dapps for trading, gaming and financial applications. It has a technical ability to support up to 160,000 transactions and store application data on separate storage nodes. Plasma blockchain is cheaper, faster and more scalable than any other Ethereum-based blockchain.

Free transactions for Dapps who use stable tokens

If the dapp or defi application runs on smart contracts using stable cryptocurrencies issued on the Plasma blockchain, then all transactions and operation of smart contracts on the blockchain will be completely free.

Utility and stable token

The native Plasma currency is a utility and stable token, which is used in the system to pay transaction fees to the network and as a reward for producers' nodes.

oAuth system and Dapps user-friendly onboarding

Convenient API and oAuth tools are available for instantly onboarding new users for all developers of decentralized applications on Plasma . The interface allows the user to create new wallets and provides tools for working with users' keys. Users no longer need to download browser extensions to interact with DeFI and dApps. That will open an entire mass market for all dApps.

DEX infrastructure

Plasma has a built-in decentralized exchange infrastructure and pool liquidity management for any issued token on the blockchain, including Plasma token. It allows the project to make a decentralized swap of its token with the lowest fee with any blockchain tokens without the need to list on centralized exchanges.

Fiat on and off-ramp

dApp and DeFi applications can use PlasmaPay's infrastructure to exchange their tokens to fiat using popular local payment methods, bank cards and bank wires.

Stable currencies

Each decentralized application can use any stablecoins issued on the Plasma without any additional fees. It opens up a huge field for the development of financial and investment dApps.

Cross-chain for classical cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH)

BTCp and ETHp coins were issued on the basis of Plasma , which is a cross-chain for the main Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens and protocols. dApps can also use these currencies for their economic models and interactions with other major networks.

Oracle nodes

For applications interacting with external database sources, special plugins are available on the nodes. It allows to record and store external information inside the blockchain nodes, while creating a consensus of the incoming data to prevent data fraud. Each oracle node holder receives an additional Plasma currency reward to cover their expenses.

Development infrastructure

IDE and basic examples of all the necessary smart-contracts are available for developers of the Dapp application on the official GitHub project account

Fundraising infrastructure

Any dApp project can launch its own Fundraising or token swap event using the built-in DEX and fiat channels, and without developing any additional tools.

Governance infrastructure

We've developed and published special governance smart contracts for projects based on governance mechanics. They allow you to embed voting, decision making and profit sharing functions within any dApps.