Consensus Layer

Plasma - uses a hybrid system of consensus protocols; they are divided into program type and social; we allow the program type of consensus to entrust execution and verification of transactions, and with the help of social we provide reliable network validators.The consensus protocol replicates submitted transactions among the validators, executes potential transactions against the current database, and then agrees on a binding commitment to the ordering of transactions and resulting execution. As a result, all validators can maintain an identical database for a given version number following the state machine replication paradigm. The programmatic view of the Liquid Provider Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol is based on the conditions - for each transaction in the system, a hash of the last block header and a vote of ≥ 15f + 1 for the block with incoming transactions are required. Prevention of transaction replay in different blockchains, the network signal that the user and their share are at a certain fork, this prevents the validators from acting maliciously in other chains, if the validator skips the block, penalties are imposed on it to temporarily disable the validation of blocks from the consensus. Plasma doesn't use rewards through mining or inflation, the mastercoin in the system is issued dynamically from the internal liquidity of currencies. Validators must provide liquidity to the rate from which a list of 21 validators is selected at the highest rate who are able to deposit new blocks for a fee in the form of 95% system commissions where the remaining 5% is distributed among the validators in the queue. Each validator must undergo a special check by the owners of the mastercoin, collect votes and provide liquidity to the rate as a mastercoin.

ChainID - identification number for network, serves as a single key for unique node synchronization ID. Block time - a new block is generated every 0.5 seconds Block size - 1MB of data is able to include 9,615 light transactions of 104 bytes as sending a token from one account to another on 0.5 seconds. Settlement time - Immediate Requirements - The hardware must meet certain requirements to run a full node, 500 GB of free disk space. Accessible at a minimum read/write speed of 100 MB/s. 4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM)